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Do you have a good used piano just gathering dust in Southern California? Does the thought of running a classified ad and fielding lots of calls from strangers bother you? Have you been warned about risky consignment deals that never work out? Want to work with someone you can trust?

Here’s the perfect solution. E-mail us at
Dennis.Hagerty@KeyboardConcepts.com, fax us at 818.787.1219, call us at 818.787.0201 or submit the following information in the form below. Please include the brand, model, size, age, serial number, and condition, as indicated below. Sorry, we don’t buy used digital and electronic keyboards. But we sometime accept these as “trade-ins” toward a purchase of new or used pianos. 

We may buy it (cash) and pay top dollar. Make sure you include all your phone numbers, and we will call you and explain how it works. Click here to see a satisfied customer’s note about selling their piano to Keyboard Concepts 

We do it every day.

*Your Name:
*Your E-Mail Address:
Daytime Phone Number:
Evening Phone Number:
Brand of Piano:
Serial Number:
City (Where the piano is):
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Please leave any additional information here.

What our customers say...


Good Morning Lili and Dennis!

Sorry for the late acknowledgment, but I did receive the check you sent us for selling the piano, so I wanted to thank both of you for making a potentially difficult project so seamless and easy for me. Furthermore, I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly you guys were able to sell it. While we did put a lot of money into that piano, we didn’t use it for long and it’s better that were not spending more money to keep it in storage. 

Thank you again, I really appreciate your help and quick turnaround. 

We have more pianos in storage that we may decide to consign in the future, so I’ll definitely keep your information close by if and/or when the time comes.


Dear Dennis,

Thank you for your kind considerations and support during the sale of my Baldwin Grand Piano. It was a delight to own for many years, bringing me much joy and entertainment. I am pleased to believe it may now be bringing such joy to another person and family.

Dennis, a special thanks to you for your support and demeanor. You are such a gentleman in your persona and business relationships. I totally trusted you and enjoyed the entire transaction. How refreshing in this world today.

Many thanks and many good memories,


Hi Dennis,

I just received the $2,000 check you sent for my piano. I want to thank you so much for the whole experience. I found you to be the professional, honest, fair and trustworthy person that I was told you were by the person who recommended you. You and your staff made the whole experience easy and pleasant. My living room (without the piano) is now ready for my parents
should they need to move in on a moments notice. I thank you again for your great service.

Warmest Regards,